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Sunday, September 18, 2016

[Travel] Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls: Beauty Beyond Challenge

Waterfalls are one of Mother Nature’s priceless wonders and the Philippines have the pride to possess abundance that many wanderlusts aim to explore. One of them is Sagada, Mountain Province’s wonder, the endearing big 200 meters Bomod-Ok Falls. Also known as Fidelisan Falls named after the Barangay’s name where it is located. It has been famous as one of the important scenic geographical landmark you should visit when you explore the province.

Before our adventure, some of my friends who already went there told me to be prepared for the journey because going down trekking from the jump point will require extra physical strength plus determination for walking in approximately one hour along the narrow roads, rocks, man-made stairs, rice fields and the small village. The Falls is estimated 5 Kilometers away from the Tourism Registration Center.

To Bomod-Ok Falls.

Posing with our walking sticks.


From the town center where the Sagada Municipal Hall is situated, we rented a van that would take us to Barangay Banga-An. We just paid 200PhP as a whole for a group of five, I think the prices depend on the driver because I have read in some blog articles that sometimes they are higher or lower. We then registered at their Tourist Information Center. After the process, they endorsed a friendly reliable female guide. Before heading, they provided us sturdy sticks to be used as canes to aid us in walking for hours. Our tour guide prepared us with some information of the number of steps or the time estimated to reach the falls.

The start of our walk.

There is a small village in between the jump-off to the Falls.

A selfie with the terraced rice fields.

Us having a short Photo Session in the red bridge.

Resting on the rocks.


As a newbie in walking through irregular rocky elevated land platforms, I will say that the journey made me really exhausted due to aching feet and trembling knees. My advice is that you go on with a group of friends. Having a great company will boost each other up on the journey. The hike was somehow exhausting but as they say, good things come to those who wait. In the heart of the area, there you will you will find a small peaceful village with smiling people. I admire their lifestyle amidst being very far from technology, pollutions and noises of the urban areas, they look so happy. I almost gave up when we stopped by to rest and find a comfort room. My friends suggested me to just rest in the village and wait until they come back. Thinking of what great things would I miss if I do, I bravely hold up my head high and continue walking. We then reached the red bridge, took some photos with smiles in our faces because of excitement that we are near the Bomod-Ok Falls.

My friends Rio and Denise in front of the Falls and the clear water.


As we reached our goal, we finally saw the treasure we patiently struggled to reach and it never failed our eyes so as our feels. That beautiful sight of crystal clear waters of the big falls surrounded with rocks, lush green trees and plants truly exhibit the beauty only nature can give us. All the steps going down were all worth it. If planning to swim, be careful of the rocks surrounding the falls as they are slippery, you could get injured.  The water from the falls is cold so make sure to be physically healthy before swimming.


More than hiking down to the falls, going back up is more excruciating for a first timer like me; you will require more effort due to gravity. Just enjoy every step while the sun is setting, appreciate the beauty of the land formations in the valley. We finished at 7PM. Ate Tour Guide said that in all the travellers she assisted, we are the ones who travelled that long time and we know why.

Overall, the Bomod-Ok Falls is one of the most amazing landmarks I visited in the Philippines, also one of the most challenging so far. If you are that kind of an adventurer who loves hiking and challenges, the Bomod-Ok Falls of Sagada, Mountain Province should be on your list.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sagada's Yoghurt House: A Food Experience

The Yoghurt House with the colorful and artsy sign.

One thing that is a must to do Sagada is visit its famous restaurants and eateries. The town with all its fresh and healthy vegetation offers delicious nutritious foods. After sight-seeing on lush green trees or adventure on its caves and falls, for sure all we want is a very fulfilling dinner on a cozy place where relaxation and craving satisfactions co-exist. The colourful signage of Sagada’s Yoghurt house is one of Sagada’s easy to find establishment that is just few meters from the Municipal Hall. If you are heading to or from the Sumaguing and Lumiang caves, then it is easy to find and dine at this very delightful restaurant.  It is found in South Road, Sagada 2619.

Their very rich menu.

Cozy and warm feel.

We had the chance to eat dinner on our first night in Sagada, it was then a peak season as evidenced by overflowing customers in the first and second floors so we patiently waited for a vacant table for four. Still, the ambiance gives a very comfortable feel with all the lights, furniture and exciting menu.  Because we dined there in night time, we did not see the views in the second floor. Surely, I will come back again for that. There were wonderful photos of the history of Sagada, their respected tribesmen and artefacts hanging on the walls in black and white but there is a note saying that taking pictures of the frames were prohibited.

Sagada Honey Yoghurt.

My meal, Bolognese.

Chicken Cashew Favorite.
Looking at the menu could just make your mouth water as the foods vary from pancakes, pastas to chicken recipes and many more. Of course, from its name, there are their famed Yoghurts which make the food experience complete. The price range is not so cheap but not so expensive either.  I could guarantee that it is sulit because of large servings plus sumptuous taste. A pasta lover myself, I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese while my friends had their Baked Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable Salad, (I posted the pictures of the orders together with this blog) we ordered the sweet unique Sagada Honey Yoghurt and the tasty Banana Granola Strawberry Preserves for dessert. The dishes do have bright colors with rich taste. I love how they serve with large amount of vegetables since it the vegetation in Sagada is one of their main sources of economy and pride.

Roasted Pork with Brown Sauce Vegetable and Rice.

Baked Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable Salad.

Banana, Granola Preserves.

Overall, your stay in Sagada will not be complete if you do not try their specialty eating establishments especially the Yoghurt House. In the end is a full healthy tummy. It is also one of the reasons why I want to go back there again.


Denise Marie Domingo (She remembered all the long names of foods we ordered. Thanks to her.).

Kristine Marla Guevarra (For that picture in the front view because I failed to take one since we came on night time. She went there during daytime.).

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sagada's Sumaguing Cave: Explore and Experience

View from the bottom to the starting entrance. Adventurers are like fairies in their lamps.

The Philippines is a very rich country in terms of natural resources and breath taking wonders of nature. As time goes by, unfound wonders were revealed to give pride that our native land is home of Mother Nature’s precious gifts. As the Underground River became one of the new seven wonders of nature, tourists from all over the world had their eyes not just in Palawan but other wonders as well. If you loved the Underground River then you should visit up north to experience Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave. This adventure may require some efforts but the feeling of touring inside will give you a very satisfying and unforgettable experience.

Heading on.

Where is Sumaguing Cave?

The Sumaguing Cave is found in South Road, Sagada, 2619, Mountain Province. If on an arranged tour, your tour guide will guide you on a walk or usually ride a vehicle on the way. On our backpacking, our tour guide organized the ride so we headed there through a van. Make sure your tour guide is experienced, more importantly registered so you will have no worries on the trip. You have to head on to the town’s tourism office in their municipal hall to register. The cave is open between 9AM to 5PM. There were travel tours that are pre-arranged with inclusion of these fees in their packages.

Down Below.

Kuya Tour Guide preparing his important lamp. There is my friend's bottled water too.

Me before the caving. The look of anxiety? That was kuya Tour Guide's red cap that he lent me.

What to prepare before the caving?

1.       YOUR SELF: Exploring a cave is an adventure with dangerous risks. This means that you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Make sure your physique is ready for climbing and going down on large slippery rocks. Mental alertness is also required to focus on the spelunking or you might get lost or face serious injuries inside. Always follow the instructions of your tour guides.

2.       IDEAL OUTFIT: Wear comfortable shirts with bottoms that is stretchable for the climbing as well as crawling. In my case, my tour guide noticed that my hair is untied, I have no ponytail that time (yeah, so lousy!), so in his kindness, he let me borrow his red cap. I wonder what might happen because as manong warned, my hair would block my eyes in the middle of caving and made me prone to very serious dangers. Do bring slippers made of hard but strong material that provides more friction for wet surfaces due to flowing waters and bat wastes. As much as possible do not bring your precious belongings for you might not be able to find them when they were lost. For gadgets, use an action camera that could be strapped on your body so your hands will not be occupied while exploring.

3.       REGISTRATION AND TOURISM FEES: Sumaguing Cave is a natural wonder. This means that it also needs maintenance and adequate care. If you are on a backpacking trip, you must first head on to their municipal office as I said earlier to pay the registration and environment fee of more or less 35PHP.

4.       YOUR GROUP: It is better to explore the cave by group since there are a lot of actions with physical efforts. Much better to have friends or relatives to back you up. Guided by a registered tour guide, be sure to end the journey with a complete head count.

Sumaguing's Visitors.

The elephant. (Not sure of its name though, I forgot what manong said but it sure looks like one.)

Happy Birthday Cake!

Kuya Tour Guide helping me go down those slippery wet rocks.

Me being amazed of the fossils. This was my first time to feel one.

Tired but happy!

Our feet in cold crystal flowing water.

Cave Portrait.

What to expect?

Spelunking in the Sumaguing Cave may require much preparedness with extra care but in the end it really is very fulfilling. So many wonderful things could be found inside that you haven’t seen in your life especially for the first timers. Those very beautiful rock formations will put you in so much amazement of how very powerful God and Mother Nature formed them through time. Small water pools and beds were flowing all over.

My friend Edith on a rappel going up.

We came, we saw and we conquered!

Post caving picture.

What I felt after caving?

This experience is one of the most unforgettable adventures in my life. I feel so proud that I endured the challenge of getting through those rock formations with little anxiety. Nothing could beat nature. It is also my first time to see fossils which I believe were millions of years in the making. My gratitude is to our very accommodating tour guide for keeping us safe since we were all girls. If you are not faint hearted with a desire for challenge yet fulfilling adventure, I would recommend visiting this Nature’s treasure someday.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Sagada Lemon Pie House

The famous Sagada Lemon Pie House Cafe & Resto

One of the country's gem in lush green trees, beautiful mountains and many natural scenic spots, the town of Sagada in the province of Mountain Province has been a new well commended travel spot in the Philippines for those who want to detoxify their minds from the noise and stressful environment in the cities. Aside from these wonderful natural treasures, the area also is a must visit for Food Bloggers because of the many delicacies and food houses to give a try.

My friend Denise at the entrance.

Look at those artworks and the woods!

Having a cold climate contributes to growing many vegetables and fruits that makes it obvious that farming is one of the main production and livelihood among its people. One the many fruits that they are growing there are the Meyer Lemons; this species of lemons were just imported from the US then cultivated in the town. Joseph Daoas, son of an Ilocano woman, the one who formulated the recipe of the popular Lemon Pie then passed it on her son and a native of Sagada, his father Bartolome founded The Lemon Pie House in 2008 having its own public opening.

My friend Angie feeling cozy.

To die for menu.

Those yellow lights are relaxing.

The restaurant has been very popular among tourist for it carrier delicacy, their Lemon Pie. I am indeed very lucky to have tasted it when we had our vacation there. After anticipating the sunrise (which did not happen because of the cloudy skies) in Mount Kiltepan, we headed to the Lemon Pie House to eat breakfast. The ambiance is cozy, a little bit dark but the endearing yellow lights along with its shining floors and well crafted hard wooden furniture give a relaxing feel. The menu at that time were mostly breakfast meal, I ordered Onion and Cheese Omelet with Garlic Rice, Longganisa and Hotdog all for 100Php, a reasonable price for the taste and the time of the day. Next time, when I come back, I should try their famous new Red Spicy Chicken.

Lemon Pies! Oh so divine!!!

It was overwhelming to taste the Lemon Pie for the first time. There is a sour taste with a mix of sweetness for the pie was said to be made by citrus, obviously lemons so the taste was dominated by bizarre sourness making it unique. The texture is smooth in texture and the crust is tasty too because of the thick liquid. You can have a slice at 25Php and 180Php if you want a pan. Aside from this tasty Pie, there are also other pie delicacies like their Egg Pies and Blueberry Pies.

For sure I will comeback!

Their address in Atey, Daoangan, Sagada found in the heart area of the tourist spots and inns walking distance near to the Municipal Hall. -FAF

You can visit their blogsite at: