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Friday, February 22, 2013

Milo Best Graduates for Milo TV Commercial 2013

"Champions are not born, they are raised."

"Champions are not born, they are raised." [Photo By: Milo Philippines]

Early this year, the leading chocolate energy drink for youth and adults in the country, Milo Philippines launched their newest TVC featuring Milo BEST Graduates (From Milo Basketball Clinic during the past years with their respective caring and loving mothers as they share what they have on raising their successful children within the field of basketball. They are Chris Tiu (1992), Keifer Ravena (1997) and Prince Carlos (2006).

Chris Tiu by Mrs. Lianne Tiu. [Photo by: Milo Philippines]

The Phenom Kiefer Ravena. [Photo By: Milo Philippines]

Prince Carlos. [Photo By: Milo Philippines]

As said by the slogan, I agree that the foundation of a person is his childhood and how we were raised on these stages will reflect what we would become in the future. These three dynamic and lovely moms indeed are currently having their trophies on hand which is seeing their kids grew up well, competitive and excellent in their fields especially in sports. As for Milo, a child with enough energy and nutrients is an energetic and smart. -faf

Two of the greatest Ateneo Blue Eagles and their moms. [Photo screenshot by: Official TIUnatics]

Chris Tiu and his mommy Lianne BTS. [Photo By: Ms. Cheryl Tiu]