Friday, November 13, 2020

Cagayan and Isabela needs HELP. #UlyssesPH

Photo Credits to Lorie Agub

Just after the devastation brought by Super Typhoon Rolly in Bicol, Typhoon Ulysses gave NCR, CALABARZON and Central Luzon nightmarish strong winds and heavy rain downpour submerging affected areas into deep floods more than what Typhoo Ondoy gave last 2009. Two provinces in the North cries for help – Cagayan and Isabela as main dams and Cagayan River overflowed causing severe deep floods that almost blurred the provinces in the archipelago as seen in aerial views. Social Media has been flooded with posts of despair, danger, hunger and grief though citizens are trying so hard to be resilient. This is not the time for division, we Filipinos should unite as one in helping each other never mind politics or social differences. People in the said provinces badly need food, water, basic necessities and to be rescued for those who are trapped by floods in the rooftops.

Photo Credits to Joash Aggabao

Photo Credits to Christina Saquing

I am using this blog as a channel to help my Kababayans in this challenging calamity situation. May this blog post reach everyone who has the heart to help even in the simplest ways.  Here are the hotlines and channels to where you could help and give donations. I would like to thank The Geyser -People's Publication for giving me the list of important hotlines to contact in Isabela and Cagayan. You can reach them at their Facebook Page:

[Credits to ISU-The Geyser]

PDRRMC Isabela HOTLINE numbers:

(078)323-0416 - PLDT
09215852341 - Smart
09158193187 - Globe



PNP- (0917) 904 0182
BFP- (0917) 816 4240
LGU RESCUE-(0917) 565 6679


PNP- (0977) 801 9029
BFP- (0953) 299 9108
LGU RESCUE- (0917) 653 3652


PNP- (0998) 967 3088
BFP -(0997) 288 4336
LGU RESCUE- (0919) 892 2240


PNP- (0916) 742 4412
BFP- (0975) 250 1218
LGU RESCUE- (0915) 234 1124


PNP- (0920) 566 7809
BFP- (0997) 288 4336
LGU RESCUE- (0929) 313 2791


PNP- (0998) 598 5238
BFP- (0917) 105 5336
LGU RESCUE - (0977) 851 9541


PNP- (0905) 680 0334
BFP- (0917) 801 2748
LGU RESCUE - (0945 188 6494


PNP- (0975) 906 4763
BFP- (0905) 044 6665
LGU RESCUE- (0975) 052 8519


PNP- (0927 382 5487
BFP- (0915) 196 0342
LGU RESCUE- (0975) 994 8281



PNP - 0917 508 2945
BFP - 0975 275 0727
LGU RESCUE - 0966 783 3357


PNP - 0927 939 6862
BFP - 0975 275 9242
LGU RESCUE - 0927 128 7232


PNP - 0945 335 7311
BFP - 0906 766 6324
LGU RESCUE - 0917 312 7540


PNP - 0998 598 5235
BFP - 0936 798 6959
LGU RESCUE - 0950 091 8241


PNP - 0935 532 8600
BFP - 0975 883 3915
LGU RESCUE - 0997 609 1594


PNP - 0927 993 5330
BFP - 0975 657 4080
LGU RESCUE - 0917 971 1125



LGU RESCUE-(0927)306 5309

PNP-(0917) 819 6449

BFP-(0966) 935 1144

LGU RESCUE-(0927) 142 8226
PNP-(0936) 971 413
BFP-(0906) 613 1450

LGU RESCUE-(0936) 947 1537
PNP-(0915) 667 0205
BFP-(0917) 891 1416

LGU RESCUE-(0906) 713 5314
PNP-(0906) 233 7819
BFP-(0927) 743 4104

LGU RESCUE-(0997) 538 4008
PNP-(0917) 174 5655
BFP-(0927) 824 9439



PNP- 0975 923 2655
BFP- 0926 946 8923
LGU RESCUE- 0936 184 5505


PNP- 0928 386 6344
BFP- 0905 415 1335
LGU RESCUE- 0947 398 6624


PNP- 0935 136 6998
BFP- 0995 883 6125
LGU RESCUE- 0906 557 4826


PNP- 0975 493 3840
BFP- 0905 783 5368
LGU RESCUE- 0916 690 9088


PNP- 0917 840 6374
BFP- 0997 314 2795
LGU RESCUE - 0905 558 669



PNP-(0917) 846 1951
BFP-(0915) 198 4117
LGU RESCUE -(0917) 539 7151


PNP-(0915) 727 1471
BFP -(0953) 291 4596
LGU RESCUE- (0997) 211 3563


PNP- (0915) 668 1499
BFP- (0917) 506 5840
LGU RESCUE-(0917) 504 2131


PNP- (0945) 745 2028
BFP-(0975) 661 9366
LGU RESCUE-(0965) 223 4514


PNP- (0906) 513 1703
BFP-(0917) 309 2580
LGU RESCUE- (0975) 769 8851


PNP- (0916) 338 4207
BFP- (0917) 883 0082
LGU RESCUE- (0917) 635 1874


PNP- (0915) 841 4988
BFP-(0935) 935 1065
LGU RESCUE- (0935) 039 2203


PNP- 0935 727 6812
BFP- (0927) 994 2961
LGU RESCUE- (0955) 681 2415



PNP- 0926 618 5717
BFP- 0926 490 5075
LGU RESCUE- 0927 716 9220


PNP- 0917 681 6913
BFP- 0917 500 2585
LGU RESCUE- 0917 626 2352


PNP- 0926 475 8526
BFP- 0906 821 0039
LGU RESCUE- 0967 544 1506


PNP- 0977 306 9391
BFP- 0915 995 5840
LGU RESCUE- 0926 943 0427

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Nurse Life: Boosting the Immune System

These times of the Pandemic, healthcare workers are considered heroes but that honor cost them to work harder as the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in most areas all over the world. Every day, nurses face a lot of stress, wear thick PPEs for the whole shift making them give more effort to breathe under N95 masks, skip meals when there are ample of admissions and compromise their sleep cycles because of abrupt irregular shifting changes as well as overtime duties. As nurses working in the COVID-19 Isolation Unit, we have to take precaution to maintain our health and immunity. Being exposed to patients with Coronavirus and taking care of them is a big responsibility to handle that is why we should stay strong holistically to do our sworn duty to our patients and care for our well beings.

Protecting our Immune System is a must to maintain our body health as we are working in a stressful setting. We protect our immune system by having nutritious foods, enough sleep of possible, wearing complete PPEs and precautions and taking some supplements that boosts our immune system for extra protection not just for COVID-19 but for other communicable diseases as well. At times, we tend to eat late because we want to finish everything in our work without delays and our sleeping patterns were compromised due to shifting hours, these are some of the factors that lowers our immune system and raise our stress levels.

Taking supplements every day helps protect Healthcare Workers from acquiring diseases and maintain the adequacy of the levels of vitamins and mineral in my body in case I am not getting enough time to have nutritious foods. Some of them were Vitamin C, the most important as it gives me stronger immunity to communicable diseases, and Vitamin E to make me glow as working as a nurse could at times make you look haggard due to extreme stress, Fish Oil to maintain my Cardiovascular Health. Beta Glucan is a fiber known to prevent the risk of having Heart Diseases and lowers blood glucose. It is also beneficial in the Immune System as it stimulates the white blood cells when there is a pathogen that could invade the body, this results in stronger immunity of the body. One example of a food supplement containing Beta Glucan is Royale Immuno Boost Premium. This product is good for frontliners like us, nurses for boosting our Immune System.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love (2019) - Movie Review

No Copyright Infringement Intended

DISCLAIMER: This review contains spoilers.

The Millenials are the generation known to be smart, intelligent, passionate and extremely driven to achieve their goals. They are also outspoken and fearless to speak up their minds and do what they feel is beneficial to them. Unlike other generations, Millenials encounter struggles in their social lives as they have full control over their decisions. This film features a group of friends that formed during their freshmen days. The film started when they were on an outing after their graduation. They made a promise to visit the same spot every year no matter how busy and occupied they are. Each four stories revolves on how they handle each of their lives, how society and career had an impact on their views about love and relationships

Ma’an is a crush ng bayan type of a girl. Circumstances pushed her to do her own branding hopeful to be an influencer. Many of the youth of today’s generation is a reflection of her where popularity in social media sites struggling to be someone who does her own ways and getting paid by posting in different social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram. The pressure made Ma’an to wear revealing clothes and naughty image just to attract followers much more when she learned that her ex’s girlfriend is a more popular vlogger than she is. While she becomes popular, the more it made her want more just to feed her insecurities.

Denzel is a budding bar owner with charisma. He love casual dating and one night stands. His dates even offer him to be in a relationship but he always denies and ghosts them afterwards. Not until he met a guy whom he will fall for and changed his view about relationship now wanting to have a commitment. Things did not go well because the man he fell for only wants an open relationship with no exclusivity.

Juna Mae and Hadji were both attracted to each other but they decided not to put labels on their relationship because Juna Mae’s father hurt her mother in the past. They both agreed into living together and sleep on the same bed but no commitment, both are good with the setup until one day Hadji exploded realizing that he wants more starting the tension between the couple.

Kurt, the alpha among the group is a workaholic freelancer pressured by his mother to be the breadwinner of the family since his grandfather did the same. He told his mom about his depression just to scold him that his life is good and there is nothing to be depressed of. Whenever he was with his friends, he seems preoccupied thinking about work and does not seem to know their situations. When they had a reunion outing after a year, tensions arise from the group starting with Hadji and Juna Mae then vented out the disappointment to Kurt. They left him in the resort before getting a phone call from Kurt’s mother that they found a suicide note in his bed. Hurriedly, they found they friend in the dark safe then hugged each other.

All these situations reflects the struggles of young adults nowadays. They do not have time to succumb in classic sweet romance as they were busy facing their responsibilities. It must have been better if each stories were expanded for us to be more sympathetic of the way they behave. A runtime of 120 minutes may not be enough. There are a lot of possible queries a viewer may ask like “What would Kurt’s mother tell him after he comes home from the outing?” Will Juna Mae and Hadji decide for a commitment after they reconcile?” The actors exhibited good acting skills, no doubt. Something in the plot is lacking that makes the viewers wish to have more from the characters.  This movie lacks depth although the concept is relevant in today’s society.

TITLE: Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love


Tony Labrusca as Kurt

Jane Oineza as Ma’an

Albie Casiṅo as Hadj

Myrtle Sarrosa as Juna Mae

Jerome Ponce as Denzel


DIRECTOR: Jason Paul Laxamana

WRITER: Jason Paul Laxamana

GENRE: Coming of Age, Romance, Drama, Friendship

PRODUCED UNDER: Regal Films, Largavista Entertainment



Sunday, October 25, 2020

Over Zoom Specialty Coffee Najran

Spending quality time with friends or alone in a nice coffee shop is a good way to unwind after work or school. Over Zoom Specialty Coffee is located at Prince Ibn Abdulaziz Road, Najran City. The café highlights good variety of coffee brews and flavors as well as cakes and pastries. The ambiance is great as the inside of the café is cozy and well decorated. I like the colorful artificial trees and flowers. My favorite are the giant teddy bear sitting across one of the tables making this coffee shop Instagram worthy.

Bonding with Friends at Bowling Town Najran


A night out with friends would be so much fun with cool activities that are challenging and fun at the side time. This was the first time we had bowling on a night out. Hitting the target pins. The more pins, the better or should we say, all pins. Bowling town is an amusement center located in Al-Faysaliyah Najran. They also offer other activities aside from bowling with a bar inside for having drinks and relaxation. I highly recommend trying this activity with your group of friends, the more the merrier. First, you need to pay out like 15 SAR each to register then form a group of four players for one lane. Then your names will be on a screen showing your records of strikes. Play your heart out and cheer for your friends. A must try for everyone.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


To be healed from the blow of a heartbreak is not an easy thing to achieve. Like a broken glass, your heart not be the same anymore. It changes you to the person you were before. The length of time for someone to heal from a heartbreak varies from one person to another. Some may last from weeks while others spent years to find themselves whole again. For you to heal your broken heart does not happen overnight and should involve your conscious choice to move forward from the agony of being submerged into mixed emotions of regret, despair and loneliness to overcoming them to attain inner peace and healing.

ACKNOWLEDGE THE PAIN: Start by being aware of your emotions. Cry all you want and find ways to release your feelings until you find relief. It is better to feel the utmost intensity of the pain from heartbreak than make it dwell inside you. There were countless of ways to release your frustrations in good ways like shouting it all out in a place where you are alone. Let yourself have some time to grieve. Feel the pain until it hurts no more.

FOCUS ON YOURSELF: Do your best to give all your efforts in putting yourself first before anything else. You need to take care of who else but you. Have some focus on things that yields self-improvement and would make you feel good like trying a new hobby and exploring new places.

FOCUS ON THE PRESENT: No matter how rough and aching those memories you had in the past, they should all stay in the past. What happened already could not be brought back again. Avoid yourself from thinking about regrets as doing so will turn you into a bitter person. Instead, start again as you wake up in the morning with a positive thought that great things are about come. There were new pages in your life waiting for you to fill and it will all start in your present.

FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS: A healthy body is a pathway into a good well-being. Too much sadness could lead to poor nutritional status as you exhibit no appetite or in the opposite, you succumb into stress eating that could lead to serious health risks. Sleep disturbance is common in people who are heartbroken and it could lead to low mental functioning, poor judgment and less focus. Make an effort to take care of your health. Eat nutritious foods, do your best to have an adequate sleep and regular exercise as doing so helps you release hormones like endorphins, which gives you a positive and happy mood.

DO A SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX: How can you move on if you still keep on stalking the person who broke your heart? I know it is very challenging to do but blocking, unfriending and unfollowing the people who made you hurt will give your mind a break. You have to put in your mind that their existence does not matter in your life anymore and there is no use of looking on their social media profiles and posts as it may give you more longing than letting go. Taking a break from social media in general is also a good idea to cleanse your mind from the toxicities of seeing posts or people that may remind you of your heartbreak.

ACCEPT THE TRUTH: Accept that things won’t be the same anymore. That the person you have loved before won’t be a part of your life from now on. Acceptance is the last stage of grief. After overcoming the grieving process, accepting the reality of your loss frees you from the chains of the painful memories, anguish and guilt. You will then realize that you must continue living and move forward. The truth as they say, will set you free.

DO NOT CLOSE YOUR HEART IN FINDING LOVE AGAIN: You are now in a new journey. Life is full of surprises along the way. Have faith that one day, love will find you when you least expect it. Open yourself to the world, have fun and love will follow.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Heartbreak and Forgiveness


“It’s not an easy journey, to get to place where you forgive people. But it is such a powerful place, because it frees you.” – Tyler Perry

To forgive someone who broke your heart is not an easy thing to do. No matter what the grounds like betrayal, rejection or deceit. Being emotionally hurt is a human nature we could not help to undergo. Freeing ourselves from hatred is arduous hence; we should not allow ourselves to be contained by our wounds. Letting unwanted emotions stay in our hearts will block away happiness like living in darkness. A person who cannot forgive is a prisoner of his anger. To genuinely forgive is not something that could be done overnight. A process that involves time and a choice to help yourself along the way.

I have experience being hurt by people I trust and love. It is an inevitable common occurrence in our social relationships as humans. At first, we find it difficult to forgive as the extent of pain they caused shattered us badly. There were times when I never thought that I would forgive those people someday. Time heals. You do not have to force it. One day, the wounds will heal until you realize to be ready to start again by unleashing the troubles in your past.

Do not let the scars of the past turn you into a miserable person. Release the weight of loathing in your heart so you can feel the beauty of life. There were no definite steps on how to forgive. It all depends on you. Here are some of my advices that may guide you.

 FORGIVE YOURSELF: How can you forgive people if you do not forgive yourself first? It should all start within you. To let go, release all that guilt and anguish in your heart. Throw away that heavy emotional baggage you were carrying for so long. Push yourself to move forward and always reflect upon your thoughts. To give forgiveness, healing of one’s own self must be there.

 DO NOT DWELL IN THE PAST: As much as possible, refrain from reminiscing the situation that pained you. No one can bring back what already happened. There is no sense in hanging in those painful memories. Life goes on and only you can write your own story but take with you the lessons it taught you.

DO NOT REGRET:  Disappointments caused by having your heart broken by someone you love makes you regret that you gave all your trust and invest your feelings to that person. In the first place, you never thought that you would be hurt in the end. This would cause you to have a remorse. Instead, think that all situations we had and people we met have significant reasons they play in our lives. Some of them may be there to teach us.

LOOK AT THE GOOD SIDE: Sometimes we consume ourselves with resentment that we only see the bad things a person have done to us. This is a challenging thing to do but trying to look at the good side of that person as well as the things and memories he/she had with us that once made us happy may lessen the hatred we feel. This way, we may come to rationalize their actions, be it intentional or not. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect so if you can, give even the slightest consideration to understand.

 Forgiveness is a long process. Only we could have the decision to give it or just let it be. People who know how to forgive possesses inner peace because they have freedom from the pain of the past. It does not mean that when you forgive, you forget all that happened. In turn, those lessons you had make you wise. You may forgive without talking again to someone who hurt you or reconstruct a broken relationship. It is all about being at peace with yourself.



Factors that Cause a Heartbreak

Heartbreak comes in many forms. We feel broken due to some factors we were facing dealing with our emotional stability that could lead us to being devastated in the end. In this modern world of Millennials to Gen Zs, people were taking relationships for granted. There were compromised commitments resulting to misunderstandings between two persons in the relationship. Nowadays, we tend to overlook the deeper meaning of love. Our carelessness and aggressiveness in handling it may give us extreme sadness. Reflection upon things that brought us to this condition may help us avoid having the circumstances next time we fell in love or enter another relationship so that we can handle it wisely.

TRUST ISSUES: To trust a person we need to have faith in every promises and intentions we receive. Without it, there would be no inner peace, worries will eat us until they make our thoughts unhealthy. It will cause us to think of the worst leading to a broken heart. Could love alone survive without trust? How can you have a vision of a good future with someone without trusting Him/Her in the present? Loving someone should come along with constant integrity and communication.

EXPECTATIONS: At times we expect too much, whether we admit or deny it to ourselves. Getting attached to a person makes us expect them to feel the same and losing control of it could lead to intense desperation resulting to disappointments. Before anything else, there must be an effort to control yourself to keep on expecting anything to anyone. The more the expectations, the more pain you have to endure if you fail to meet them.

UNREQUITED LOVE: As I wrote in the beginning, no all love are given back in return. There could be an instance when we fell in love for the person who already belongs to someone else or just don’t feel the same. No matter what, just think that having experienced love is already a blessing. In time, someone will come to complete your life, the person who will give His/Her whole heart to you. There is a right time for everything.

INSECURITY: Nobody is perfect. Being insecure can sometimes trigger unwanted emotions and moods like anxiety for fear that significant others would stop loving us because we feel that we lack something. There is a doubt in ourselves to losing confidence. Too much of this could strain relationships. Self-awareness on our thoughts, knowing our strengths and weaknesses as well as embracing who you are can alleviate insecurity.