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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ecowarriors/ Batang Rizal Tree Planting at Taiyak Hills, Rizal Laguna with Chris Tiu and the Tiunatics

Taiyak Hill the World Banner. [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]
The future depends on what we are going to act and provide in our present. Today, our dear mother earth faces abuse and disrespect as our modern time requires more and more resources with the ever evolving technology and human knowledge. Imagine a world without trees? Look at that devastation made by floods that killed thousands of people and destroyed people’s basic needs. We get what we give and as Mother Nature gives us these valuable things of vitality, she also gives back what we gave like those pollution, illegal logging and chemical irritants. The youth of today should realize this importance and act or else we are the ones who will suffer for a payback.

Pictorial with the participants before the event. [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Climbing has never been this fun! [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Me and my co-admins/ best of friends! [Photo By: Stephanie Denise Credo]

Last June 12, 2012, Ecowarriors Philippines’ ambassadors, basketball heartthrob/TV host/ Entrepreneur Mr. Chris Tiu and Journalist, Doc Nielsen Donato together with the members of Batang Rizal (Laguna) Organization (BRO) all over Region-IV and Mr. Tiu’s loyal supporters, the Tiunatics participated in a tree planting event in which they would plant Mahogany trees along Taiyak Hills at Brgy. Tala, Rizal, Laguna.

Mr. Chris Tiu with the Tiunatics, Batang Rizal members and the soldiers. [Photo By: Chen Maigue]

Jolly and gorgeus Mr. Chris Tiu. [Photo By: Chen Maigue]

Co-Tiunatics = Friends. [Photo By: Me]

Taiyak Hill the World. [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

The launch of DENR's new themesong "Punongkahoy". [Photo By: Me]

Also within that same event, the song “Punongkahoy” was launched as the theme song of National Greening Program of DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources).

Welcome sign of Taiyak Hill Nature and Adventure Park. [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]

Heading to plant trees! [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Excited to plant trees. Look at those precious smiles! [Photo By: Me]

Baby Mahogany trees waiting to be planted. [Photo By: Me]

My dear friend Anna plowing the soil. [Photo By: Me]

Looking for more holes! [Photo By: Me]

Mr. Chris Tiu and Doc Nielsen together plowing for their advocacy. [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

That is one cool guy! [Photo By: Christine Viaje]

Photo By: Rebecca Talactac

Being one of the participants, I found it very challenging because I am really not used into climbing high mountainous landmarks which made us real tired and exhausted but seeing those nature views from the top greened by trees and grass with the cute blue sky eased the physical exhaustion. Appreciating nature yielded such an amazing feel thinking how God hands gave us this wonderful gift and fear what will happen in the future if we continue to pollute and cut those sturdy trees. Planting trees with friends and out dearest idol is the most happiest and memorable outreach we did so far. One of my friends said that we should visit the trees someday when we became old and see how tall they have become.

Lunch with Mr. Chris Tiu on our table. [Photo By: Peachy Octavo]

Yummy pizza! [Photo By: Me]

The Greenwich staff. [Photo By: Me]

Group picture with the Tiunatics. [Photo By: Grachelle Valencia]

After the event on the hills, we headed to Greenwich, San Pablo branch for a lunch while Mr. Chris Tiu tried to sit on every table greeting and asking how we are doing, such a very nice guy indeed. Being a fan has always fulfilling because it was his third outreach activity with us after a day with the kids at Baseco and building homes in Pasig. In behalf of my co-Tiunatics and co-Admins of his Official Tiunatics twitter, group and fanpage, we would like to send our deepest gratitude for making us part of various worthwhile, fun and heart fulfilling activities.

On our way home! I love my friends! [Photo By: Me]

These laughs are priceless! [Photo By: Rebecca Talcatac]

We all parted with smiles and happy hearts. Looking forward for more fulfilling activities like this. -faf

Friday, May 25, 2012

PENSHOPPE LIVE with Ian Somerhalder at SM Mall of Asia May 24, 2012

"Thank you Manila for a most surreal day!Look at this pic of me&6,000 of my new friends in The Philippines.Whao" -Ian Somerhalder  [The photo Ian  Somerhalder posted on Twitter via Twitpic:]

 Recently, a scorching fiery hot vampire rocked the Filipina girls making the top clothing brand, Penshoppe trend worldwide for days. Welcoming the newest addition to the Penshoppe All Stars has never been this frantic and so much to say. Yes, Damon Salvatorre of the famous TV series “The Vampire Diaries” himself – Ian Somerhalder.

After his environment inspired photo shoot in our country’s wonderland, Palawan, Penshoppe have given a chance to his fans to see him in person and experience his magically sizzling presence last May 24 at SM Mall of Asia. The influx of girls going high and screaming like there is no tomorrow dominated the blissful air

Before the vampire arrives. [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

Filipino Fans going insane! Oh my !!!that's a huge crowd indeed! [Photo By: Haw Santiago on SM Mall of Asia Official Fanpage]
 "I will be back here. I'll go to all 7,107 islands of the Philippines!" said he in an article by [click this link for citation]

Ian Somerhalder on the seat! [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

Damon Salvatorre enjoying his warm Filipino Fans. [Photo By: Anna Karanina Alfonso]

After the event, he tweeted, “Trying to tweet pic of today in Manila!Amazing time,thanks Philippines for your love,screams and smiles-I'll try to send pic from Singapore!”

Can't measure the width of their smiles! [Photo By: SM Mall of Asia Official Facebook Fanpage]

Ian Somerhalder is the third member of the Penshoppe All Stars who visited the Philippines next to Ed Westwick and Mario Maurer. Dear Damon, Please come back soon! ---faf

The vampire up close with his killer blue eyes to die for! [Photo By: SM Mall of Asia Official Fanpage]
Photo Credits:

Anna Karanina Alfonso (my dear friend)
Haw Santiago in SM Mall of Asia's Official Facebook Fanpage (with no copyright infringement intended)
Mr. Ian Somerhalder's tweet via Twitpic (

Friday, March 30, 2012

Men's Health Magazine April 2012 Issue Launch featuring Enchong Dee

Famous young actor/athlete/endorser, Enchong Dee once again graced the cover of Men’s Health Philippines Magazine for April 2012 as he shares his new interests and trivia about becoming and staying fit.

Men’s Health held a launch at Glorietta 5 last March 25, 2012 with Enchong Dee answering questions and sharing more about his personal lifestyle and work together with the media, bloggers and his most enthusiastic supporters. I would like to thank again his most popular and warm fan group, EDW (Enchong Dee World) for hooking me and my friends. Enchong is really a nice and handsome man, no wonder he is well loved by his fans.

These are some things from Enchong that he shared during the event:

1. “I will not be who I am today without swimming.” he states.
2. He has new fitness goals like Triathlon and Muai Thai. There are also plans of trying Jujitsu too.
3. Swimming vs. working: He is now currently prioritizing his showbiz career.
4. No guts on wearing underwear cover or pose for the fashion line he is now currently endorsing.
5. His morning exercise revealed as he demonstrated it in our very own eyes.

Men’s Health magazine in now available on bookstores and news stands for only 140Php.


Photo Credits:
• Karen Feaster
• Teya Valencia

Youtube Video By: Orange Magazine TV

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coke 100 Years [Coke-Bench Fashion Show]

Coca-cola, the most famous soft drink brand in the world celebrated its 100 years in the Philippines with a fabulous fashion show in collaboration with Bench, the top global clothing line in the country held on Ayala Mall Trinoma in January 28, 2012. It was indeed overwhelming to get a VIP seat as one of the supporters of one of the most celebrated young matinee idol, Enchong Dee. His fans club Enchong Dee World was very warm and amazing just like their/our idol. Thanks to a friend for pulling me.

The event started with flashing of great Coke TV Advertisements on screen e.g The Truck of Happiness, “The OFW Project” and one of the most endearing ad I ever watched in my whole life, “The 100 Year Old Man’s Secret to Happiness”. The brand has been a part of Filipinos daily life as it is indeed the No. 1 soft drink in the country and also famous for producing such TV creative advertisements like those I have mentioned earlier.

Hosted by MYX VJs Chino and Bianca, the event showcased captivating performances by UE Pep squad, Philippine All Stars and the main event then the fashion show featuring specialized Bench apparel for Coca-Cola called “Coca-Cola originals by Bench”. Shining on the ramp were promising teen stars like Enzo Pineda, Roco Nacino, Steven Silva, and David Chua.

Of course the jewels of the event, Coke’s four main endorsers, the two gorgeous young ladies of Philippine TV, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, girl magnet, Joseph Marco and the reason why I had the chance to experience the event, the very humble, gorgeous and down to earth, Enchong Dee who surprised everyone by doing somersault in the air making his girl admirers berserk.

Indeed, it was a night of fashion, surprises and happiness which also happens to be the main theme. The red and white torrents of confetti added warmth to the night. Happiness feel all over made the event super awesome. -faf

Photo Credits: Karen Feaster

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fastbreak Charity Game for Typhoon Sendong Victims

A very devastating weather phenomenon, tropical storm Sendong destroyed the South of the Philippines last December 2011 that lost crops, houses and lives of our dear countrymen just in the middle of Christmas season. Everyone in the country citizens from in on other country felt downcast seeing bodies of dead people, hungry children, destroyed shelters, flooded lands and grieving parents and children who are suffering from the lost of their loved ones. These scenarios inspired citizens those who are living on Luzon, Visayas and even abroad to offer their helping hands and donate some of what they have in over to help.

As a youth moved by what was going on, Kiefer Ravena, the phenomenal rookie of Ateneo Blue Eagles and a basketball player for our national team shared a suggestion on a status in Facebook regarding a creation of an event, a basketball game which he was expert at to raise funds and donations for the typhoon victims. So it happened, by the help of his father who is also a legend in basketball, Bong Ravena they organized and promoted “Fastbreak: A benefit game for typhoon Sendong victims” which was held in San Juan Arena last January 06, 2011 aiming to donate the proceeds to the calamity areas through Ateneo de Manila University and Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan.

The two teams consist of celebrity players from different fields of media. National and collegiate basketball stars like the charismatic entrepreneur/TV host Chris Tiu, famous and top UAAP/NCAA players like Nico Salva, RR Garcia, Joshua Webb, Kevin Alas, and Justin Chua. Music icons Rico Blanco, Gab Valenciano, and Champ Lui Pio were stunning seeing the rare moment they were dribbling a basketball besides the usual strumming of guitars. Matinee idols also graced the court; some of them were Luis Alandy, Marco Alcaraz and one of the scene stealers of the day, Gerald Anderson. Of course the event would not be as energetic without an amazing dancer Jhong Hilario who exhibited his dance moves while playing and our very well loved comedians who I believe were the main attraction –Tado and Jose. They induced the outpour of blissful hearts as Jose served as a referee and Budoy impersonator on a face off with Gerald Anderson who plays the role and Tado showing off his clownish tactics and acts of getting the ball. Also present in the third quarter for a three-point shootout were PBA legend Allan Caidic, two time MVP/top basketball player James Yap and the eloquent and handsome reporter Mark Zambrano. Mr. Caidic won 5,000PHP which he also donated to the relief drive.

The Smart White Team was lead by Kiefer Ravena and Chris Tiu while the Meralco Red Team was guided by Nico Salva and Geral Anderson. Though the game was not like those serious and contested like the usual basketball games, this play penetrated the cheers and attention of the audience with hilarious acts like no other symbolizing more of friendship and good intentions never minding network rivalries, expertise differences, age gaps and popularity.

Meralco Red Team dominated the early game and earned a 14-point lead mainly from shots courtesy of Salva and Garcia and 11 points by Anderson. When Jose Manalo entered the game as a referee with Tiu and Ravena connecting their shots together with continuous receiving of free throws by Smart White, a final score of 118-107 lead the Smart White boys to a win.

It was indeed one of the most unforgettable basketball games I have ever watched. The joy, entertainment and charity were indeed priceless than the 100PHP cost of our tickets. May these celebrities and famous personalities continue this amazing way of amusing and helping our countrymen at the same time.


Photo Credits:

Josh Albelda of Ignite Media
Kimberly Ann del Pilar
Karen Feaster