Wednesday, October 21, 2020


To be healed from the blow of a heartbreak is not an easy thing to achieve. Like a broken glass, your heart not be the same anymore. It changes you to the person you were before. The length of time for someone to heal from a heartbreak varies from one person to another. Some may last from weeks while others spent years to find themselves whole again. For you to heal your broken heart does not happen overnight and should involve your conscious choice to move forward from the agony of being submerged into mixed emotions of regret, despair and loneliness to overcoming them to attain inner peace and healing.

ACKNOWLEDGE THE PAIN: Start by being aware of your emotions. Cry all you want and find ways to release your feelings until you find relief. It is better to feel the utmost intensity of the pain from heartbreak than make it dwell inside you. There were countless of ways to release your frustrations in good ways like shouting it all out in a place where you are alone. Let yourself have some time to grieve. Feel the pain until it hurts no more.

FOCUS ON YOURSELF: Do your best to give all your efforts in putting yourself first before anything else. You need to take care of who else but you. Have some focus on things that yields self-improvement and would make you feel good like trying a new hobby and exploring new places.

FOCUS ON THE PRESENT: No matter how rough and aching those memories you had in the past, they should all stay in the past. What happened already could not be brought back again. Avoid yourself from thinking about regrets as doing so will turn you into a bitter person. Instead, start again as you wake up in the morning with a positive thought that great things are about come. There were new pages in your life waiting for you to fill and it will all start in your present.

FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS: A healthy body is a pathway into a good well-being. Too much sadness could lead to poor nutritional status as you exhibit no appetite or in the opposite, you succumb into stress eating that could lead to serious health risks. Sleep disturbance is common in people who are heartbroken and it could lead to low mental functioning, poor judgment and less focus. Make an effort to take care of your health. Eat nutritious foods, do your best to have an adequate sleep and regular exercise as doing so helps you release hormones like endorphins, which gives you a positive and happy mood.

DO A SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX: How can you move on if you still keep on stalking the person who broke your heart? I know it is very challenging to do but blocking, unfriending and unfollowing the people who made you hurt will give your mind a break. You have to put in your mind that their existence does not matter in your life anymore and there is no use of looking on their social media profiles and posts as it may give you more longing than letting go. Taking a break from social media in general is also a good idea to cleanse your mind from the toxicities of seeing posts or people that may remind you of your heartbreak.

ACCEPT THE TRUTH: Accept that things won’t be the same anymore. That the person you have loved before won’t be a part of your life from now on. Acceptance is the last stage of grief. After overcoming the grieving process, accepting the reality of your loss frees you from the chains of the painful memories, anguish and guilt. You will then realize that you must continue living and move forward. The truth as they say, will set you free.

DO NOT CLOSE YOUR HEART IN FINDING LOVE AGAIN: You are now in a new journey. Life is full of surprises along the way. Have faith that one day, love will find you when you least expect it. Open yourself to the world, have fun and love will follow.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Heartbreak and Forgiveness


“It’s not an easy journey, to get to place where you forgive people. But it is such a powerful place, because it frees you.” – Tyler Perry

To forgive someone who broke your heart is not an easy thing to do. No matter what the grounds like betrayal, rejection or deceit. Being emotionally hurt is a human nature we could not help to undergo. Freeing ourselves from hatred is arduous hence; we should not allow ourselves to be contained by our wounds. Letting unwanted emotions stay in our hearts will block away happiness like living in darkness. A person who cannot forgive is a prisoner of his anger. To genuinely forgive is not something that could be done overnight. A process that involves time and a choice to help yourself along the way.

I have experience being hurt by people I trust and love. It is an inevitable common occurrence in our social relationships as humans. At first, we find it difficult to forgive as the extent of pain they caused shattered us badly. There were times when I never thought that I would forgive those people someday. Time heals. You do not have to force it. One day, the wounds will heal until you realize to be ready to start again by unleashing the troubles in your past.

Do not let the scars of the past turn you into a miserable person. Release the weight of loathing in your heart so you can feel the beauty of life. There were no definite steps on how to forgive. It all depends on you. Here are some of my advices that may guide you.

 FORGIVE YOURSELF: How can you forgive people if you do not forgive yourself first? It should all start within you. To let go, release all that guilt and anguish in your heart. Throw away that heavy emotional baggage you were carrying for so long. Push yourself to move forward and always reflect upon your thoughts. To give forgiveness, healing of one’s own self must be there.

 DO NOT DWELL IN THE PAST: As much as possible, refrain from reminiscing the situation that pained you. No one can bring back what already happened. There is no sense in hanging in those painful memories. Life goes on and only you can write your own story but take with you the lessons it taught you.

DO NOT REGRET:  Disappointments caused by having your heart broken by someone you love makes you regret that you gave all your trust and invest your feelings to that person. In the first place, you never thought that you would be hurt in the end. This would cause you to have a remorse. Instead, think that all situations we had and people we met have significant reasons they play in our lives. Some of them may be there to teach us.

LOOK AT THE GOOD SIDE: Sometimes we consume ourselves with resentment that we only see the bad things a person have done to us. This is a challenging thing to do but trying to look at the good side of that person as well as the things and memories he/she had with us that once made us happy may lessen the hatred we feel. This way, we may come to rationalize their actions, be it intentional or not. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect so if you can, give even the slightest consideration to understand.

 Forgiveness is a long process. Only we could have the decision to give it or just let it be. People who know how to forgive possesses inner peace because they have freedom from the pain of the past. It does not mean that when you forgive, you forget all that happened. In turn, those lessons you had make you wise. You may forgive without talking again to someone who hurt you or reconstruct a broken relationship. It is all about being at peace with yourself.



Factors that Cause a Heartbreak

Heartbreak comes in many forms. We feel broken due to some factors we were facing dealing with our emotional stability that could lead us to being devastated in the end. In this modern world of Millennials to Gen Zs, people were taking relationships for granted. There were compromised commitments resulting to misunderstandings between two persons in the relationship. Nowadays, we tend to overlook the deeper meaning of love. Our carelessness and aggressiveness in handling it may give us extreme sadness. Reflection upon things that brought us to this condition may help us avoid having the circumstances next time we fell in love or enter another relationship so that we can handle it wisely.

TRUST ISSUES: To trust a person we need to have faith in every promises and intentions we receive. Without it, there would be no inner peace, worries will eat us until they make our thoughts unhealthy. It will cause us to think of the worst leading to a broken heart. Could love alone survive without trust? How can you have a vision of a good future with someone without trusting Him/Her in the present? Loving someone should come along with constant integrity and communication.

EXPECTATIONS: At times we expect too much, whether we admit or deny it to ourselves. Getting attached to a person makes us expect them to feel the same and losing control of it could lead to intense desperation resulting to disappointments. Before anything else, there must be an effort to control yourself to keep on expecting anything to anyone. The more the expectations, the more pain you have to endure if you fail to meet them.

UNREQUITED LOVE: As I wrote in the beginning, no all love are given back in return. There could be an instance when we fell in love for the person who already belongs to someone else or just don’t feel the same. No matter what, just think that having experienced love is already a blessing. In time, someone will come to complete your life, the person who will give His/Her whole heart to you. There is a right time for everything.

INSECURITY: Nobody is perfect. Being insecure can sometimes trigger unwanted emotions and moods like anxiety for fear that significant others would stop loving us because we feel that we lack something. There is a doubt in ourselves to losing confidence. Too much of this could strain relationships. Self-awareness on our thoughts, knowing our strengths and weaknesses as well as embracing who you are can alleviate insecurity.

Monday, October 19, 2020

The Beauty in a Heartbreak


That was years ago when I was in my bed weeping out of extreme sadness the whole night. I felt so empty of the truth that slapped me so hard. The person I loved the most cannot give me back the same feeling I had. It was like being lost in the middle of nowhere with no sense of direction. Love is truly an amazing feeling hence in reality, the more intense it is, the more risks of having to feel the same intensity of pain in return. Still, life have to keep on going no matter what. The capability to feel different kinds of emotions is what makes us humans unique. To have experienced attraction and intense emotion for another person is a gift. The joy of seeing his/her smile feels like magic. We must put in our minds what reality is teaching us, that not all love felt are requited. Not all love are given back in return.

I believe that broken things are beautiful. Those storms of extreme desperation will subside. There would surely be a rainbow of happiness that will follow in the end. The saying goes “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never love at all”, tells us that experiencing love, whether to lose it or not is a blessing. It shapes us how we see life and appreciate its existence. I understand how hard it is at first but overtime, you will emerge as a stronger person ready to face more of life’s challenges. Diamonds have undergone extreme heat and pressure to form into the hardest minerals of significant value.

In this journey, we call life, not everything is about joy or attaining what we want or fulfilling our desires in an instant. There were times when we should learn to let go of things that are not meant for us. Sometimes have to feel the pain to accept that things do not go our own ways. I hope this blog will help you find the good in what you were going through. This bumpy road in life gives us lessons that we will find out in the right time.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

A Letter to My Heartbroken Self in the Past


Dear You,

Seeing you in the mirror with swollen eyes from those nights you can’t help but cry. The agony you were going through is real and I want to give you the warmest hug. Please believe in me when I say that one day you will wake up with the most genuine happiness you will ever feel. You were guilty of your mistakes, of falling in love with the person who could not give you the love you deserve. Please don’t ever think that you are worthless. Life does not always give us what we want but everything happens for a reason. The day will come that it will be revealed to you. Take this moment to love yourself more until serenity will follow.

I can see the depths of your wounds, hence, do not ever give up from walking your journey. In time, all things will make sense. For now, wipe your tears, wash your face and have a sound peaceful sleep. Reserve all your energies on things that makes you fulfilled. Tomorrow is another day. Rest your heart from all the despair and anxiety you are going through, that should be enough. The world will not stop. Possibilities are endless.

Please smile, my dear. You are beautiful. Those hands of yours can do a lot of great things waiting for you to explore. Look at those people around you, they cherish your existence. Trust in me when I say that time will come when all these pains would someday be a memory that taught you to be a better person in the future.




Friday, October 16, 2020

What does heartbreak make you?


Every one of us went into a phase where we got our hearts broken. It felt like the end of the world and too much despair dominated our heads as if it will stay forever. Be it a puppy love from adolescent days or a long-term relationship, we could not avoid having the pain of losing someone we love through different reasons and situations. Some may take months to move on and some may linger for years. As long as you have a strong will to move on, how hard the process of coping, believe that in the end, all these will come beautifully. You will wake up someday not feeling the pain anymore and that you transformed into a stronger and better person that you were before. Cry all you want. Do not deprive yourself of expressing all those emotional struggles. Make it sure that in the end, you will stand up with maturity. Keep yourself from being exhausted by your emotions or they will consume you. Focus on the bright side of things. There is a saying that “How can you love others if you do not love yourself first?”

I am not a love expert or a counselor. As a person who felt love and had undergone a series of heartbreaks in the past, here are the things I learned throughout the process. Yes, heartbreak is devastating, hence, on a positive note; it could have a beneficial effect on you as a person not just in your future love life but also in your viewpoint about life in the whole. If handled properly, moving forward from a heartbreak is beautiful. These are the seven things that heartbreak could make you in the process.

 It makes you gain wisdom from your mistakes. Loving the wrong person, being in a situation gone wrong would make you wiser next time you will enter a new relationship. That time, you will learn how to handle things to avoid some mistakes from happening again so are the consequences of your choices. There might be something in your previous relationships that caused it to fail. Those lessons you had will guide you to a more mature and stable relationship in the future.

It makes you emotionally strong. After having a hard blow of the sufferings and sleepless nights of crying in agony, one day you will wake up like nothing had happened and the memories of the past can no longer hurt you. Going through a though time will make you a stronger person that could not be easily shaken and handle your emotions well enough.

It makes you empty to make yourself complete again. Heartbreak is a loss and at times, we feel like life is incomplete with that lost romance. We were blinded that we cannot do anything at all anymore. After you heal all those wounds, the void it left would be filled with fresh and new memories, a better tomorrow and adventures that are waiting for you to enjoy.

It makes you open your eyes to the reality of life. Life is not like in the movies or fairytales as what we were always seeing on television series and movies. Not all couples who love each other live happily ever after in the end. Sometimes, love is not enough to face the realities of life. It is about wise decisions. In our teens, we used to dream about our future first dates or weddings with the person we love and desire but life is more than that as we begin to enter adulthood. There were rough roads ahead for us to overcome.

It makes you independent in your choices. The pain of loss teaches you to be there and handle yourself well. No one could really help you heal but yourself. There should be a motivation to stand up, do something about your goals in life. Please remember that we are the ones who are writing our destiny. Do not let heartbreak destroy you; life has so much more to offer.

It makes you discover more about yourself. Sadness and loneliness are the common emotional effects of heartbreak. Recovery from it must allow you to discover the world around you, especially yourself. Discovery of the things you like, passions, hobbies and goals will make your life meaningful. In addition, there are discoveries of your emotions and attitudes that you can reflect to improve and nurture.

It makes you pave way to meet new people. Being single again will make a way for you to know and meet more people by making friends or exchanging meaningful conversations. Through them, you can acquire new knowledge about everything. Just enjoy socializing. Who knows you will meet someone whom will make your heart happy again. Go on dates, have fun. Life is short to be lonely.



Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Finding Peace in Solitude: Me-Time

Humans are social beings. Aside from our basic physiological needs, we human beings long acceptance and affection. In a fast-paced modern world where Social Media is dominating, our social lives plus the pressure in our jobs to survive may lead to mental and emotional health risks. Increased exposure to these factors may have us acquire toxic effects in our psychological health. Having a breather is a need to refresh our minds and emotions in order to have a good coping and protect our overall wellness.

Solitude is defined as the state of being alone. Some may confuse this to loneliness but it is a choice while loneliness is a deprivation of human affection leading to being sad. After a hard day at work when all that you do is have conversations to different kinds of people and deal with so much pressures, not only your body is exhausted but also your mind. As much as possible you have to take some time for yourself away from social media and stressful connections for a while.

Being alone could help you reflect on things and situations you were handling in your everyday life. It will allow you have a clear viewpoint on how you are doing each day as well as possible solutions on things that are hard and causing you to be anxious.

When you have a “ME-TIME” for yourself, you can be able to control your emotions. May it be too much sadness, anger or joy. Intense emotions could lead to negative effects and may harm us in our judgements to people and situations. An allotted time to breathe could make us calm down our nerves. In that way we could attain the wisdom to act ourselves to what might be the consequences of our actions.

Solitude can bring us inner peace. It could make us achieve calmness and freedom from worries resulting to healthy mindset and emotions. Let us make it a goal to maintain our peace of mind no matter how stressful and toxic our world we live in.

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Caldo Caffee Najran

Caldo Cafe Najran is located somewhere in King Faisal Road, Najran City. It is a Cafe that offers a wide menu of specialty coffee, pastas, drinks and sweets. The ambiance of the place is serene so you will have a good stay for coffee meetings with friends to celebrating dinners for special occasions.

We have tried their Carbonara Pasta, Shrimp Dynamite, Spring Rolls and Wraps which I could say did not disappoint and very tasty. My friends and me enjoyed the place with all the relaxing lightings as well as works of art on the walls. I have not tried their coffee yet because we went there for a Birthday Dinner last time so it is a must to try next visit.

Monday, October 05, 2020

Buddha Head in Growing Banyan Tree Roots - Wat Mahathat

The Head of the Buddha Statue Sitting inside the Banyan Tree Roots.

All destinations have these unforgettable sites tourists wish to have a glimpse of when they travel. Exploring Thailand would not be complete without visiting the famous Buddha Head statue sitting on a growing Banyan Tree Roots. It is found in Ayutthaya in an ancient temple called Wat Mahathat. From Bangkok, we traveled North by 80 Kilometers, almost 30 minutes by a bus provided by our tour agent.

Seeing the Buddha gave us to awe, different from just looking on photographs. The Buddha’s head encapsulated in the tree gives a sense of mystery of how it happened to be there. There were countless versions on the internet. Looking directly at the Buddha felt like it has some live aura in it that I can’t explain.

Security Guards were very strict in watching over the Banyan Tree with the head statue. They asked us to pay respect by wearing clothes not showing the knees and shoulders for women and long pants for men. The area is very sacred that as a tourist, we must show respect in every way we could. For taking pictures, our tour guide courteously asked us to be in a praying position.

One of the highlights of the tour was when our guide, through microphone gave us an account of the ancient city. Ayutthaya was the capital of Siam (the former name of Thailand). Back then, it was a very prosperous city famous in all Southeast Asia and to the world. The city was rich in agriculture, trade, and culture. Gold items were found everywhere from temples to jewelries of its citizens that in stories, gold were found inside the head of each Buddha statues that the Burmese took advantage of them when the war took place during the 1700s. The invading Burmese army burned and stole everything they saw. The Buddha head in the Banyan Tree Roots of Wat Mahathat was said to have been stolen by a thief but because of its weight, he decided to abandon it and take it back after some time. Over time, the Banyan Tree beside the head statue grew to encapsulate it. The mystery of how the face of the Buddha was kept intact by the growing roots is still a mystery to some but believers attributed it as one great phenomenon relating to their faith that we need to respect and treasure. I could say that my visit to Thailand gave me fulfillment seeing this as one of my favorites sites in the country.

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Life of a Nurse: Handling Stress and Burnout

Healthcare workers are indeed modern day superheroes. The world may see us as such due to our sacrifices in saving the lives of people but at the end of the day, all are just human beings with health limitations. Every day, healthcare workers like us, nurses, are facing exhausting situations in the workplace like increase in patient ratio, failure to eat meals on time and lack of adequate sleep given from changing schedule shifting patterns. Mental Stress could be a result of conflicts will colleagues, pressure to finish all tasks in the shift as well as studying researches and new policies. Even after work hours, overthinking and anxiety about what will happen the next day is unhealthy, all these could lead to burnout and social detachment to the environment. Therefore, nurses should make ways to handle stress and burnout as much as possible. As a nurse working in a demanding and risky area where every day is a challenge; I want to give my personal ways of coping with stress and burnout.

First, let us review some definitions.

STRESS: An antecedent of stimulus, as a consequence of a response. (NCFBI)

BURNOUT: A worker’s reaction to chronic stress. (Frendenberger HJ, 1974)

There are a lot of lists online about handling stress and burnout but I generalized them by what I do personally and is proven effective to myself.

REST YOUR MIND. As much as possible detach yourself from thinking about work related things upon going home. After taking a hot shower, meditate for 5-10 minutes. Turn off your electronic gadgets even for a short while. Take deep breaths. These sure steps will help you cleanse your mind.

LISTEN TO MUSIC/ WATCH FEEL GOOD MOVIES OR TV SERIES. Music Therapy can calm your mind. Take some time to browse stress relieving playlists or your favorite songs on Spotify. There are also varieties of feel good movies on Netflix or other movie sites. A good Rom-Com or Comedy Movie/Series could make you laugh and get you into a good mood.

TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES. Voicing out your thoughts can release your emotional tensions. Feel free to have a talk with someone you trust very well. He/She may be your parents, best friend or lover. A great support system will strengthen your confidence as well as relieve anxiety.

KEEP A JOURNAL OR PERSONAL BLOG. Have some time to write down your thoughts, goals or reflections for the day. Old school as it may seem, a diary is a great aid for expressing yourself privately. Keeping a personal blog online is also a good idea but be careful to not post everything personal online.

CONNECT WITH NATURE. Going for a walk in a park full of trees and plants or a stroll in the beach if nearby will result in calming effect to the mind shutting off toxic thoughts.

EAT DELICIOUS FOOD. A few scoop of Ice Cream or a small bar of chocolate will stimulate your hormones like Endorphins that will lift up your mood. Just take precautions of eating in moderation to avoid stress eating leading to increase weight and health risks.

A tidy and clean house could clear your mind leading to less stimulus for stress. Keep all unnecessary things in cabinets, clear away trash and organize your things.

Reference for Definitions:

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Oliva Restaurant in Najran: Food Review


Oliva Restaurant is Najran, KSA is located at 4203 King Faysal Road beside the Park. They offer wide varieties of Pizzas and Pastas in their main menu that you can choose and personalize according to your preferences, the taste are good but only not that much flavorful. I would recommend trying out their White Sauce Pasta with Seafood and Broccoli. Their pizza is also worth a try ranging from good flavors like chicken, pepperoni and cheese; most have thick pies so having few slices could make you full, that one with Chicken and cheese fillings is a must try, desserts were also in the menu from cakes to donuts. Adding fries with cheese and chicken balls plus shawarma is also a nice idea.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Fighting the Pandemic: COVID-19 Nurses

It all began in the news that a new strain of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus, COVID-19 identified in Wuhan, China last December 2019. Acquired through small droplets via sneezing and coughing as well as touching contaminated surfaces. For months, the extent of this Infectious Disease turned into a global pandemic as announced by the World Health Organization. The whole world shattered by hundreds of thousands of mortalities and decline to the global economy faced a huge blow in humankind.

Healthcare workers are in the frontline in fighting this Pandemic since then, overwhelmed by increasing number of cases each day. There were new norms, guidelines and changes in the Healthcare Setting is giving an immense amount of adjustments to the Healthcare Personnel. Being one of the nurses assigned in the COVID-19 Unit has been a challenging chapter in our careers. Day after day, we have to learn new guidelines, wear strict Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the protection of everyone. There is a compromise in comfortable breathing for wearing an N-95 mask is essential throughout the whole shift. Fear of getting the infection anytime raises anxiety levels never knowing what lies ahead for us. As Nurses with sworn duty in our profession, this dreaded COVID-19 virus could not stop us from standing up in the midst of the challenges. We are here not for the salary or the mainstream praises we receive but because this is our duty for all humanity.

These are the times when we were tested on how we handle our profession. Giving up can be an option yet we will continue fighting not just when this Pandemic would stop but for our lifetimes. Not everyone may feel our struggles yet that feeling of seeing our patient stable, recover to being discharge is fulfilling beyond any awards of achievements. In times when patients were experiencing symptoms, we were the to ease their struggles, hold their hands when they were anxious and afraid as well as smile at them the moment they recover and results come negative.

As one of the nurses battling in Pandemic around, to the nurses who will reach this blog, may you remain strong physically, mentally and emotionally because the world needs us. May we always remember our pledge no matter how great are the hardships we encounter. Our duty is a lifetime of service and honor.



Friday, September 11, 2020

Karting Race at Happy Land Najran


Happy Land is an amusement center in Najran, which offers a variety of activities from child friendly games to Kart Racing. It was our first time to try their Kart Racing session and it did not disappoint to enjoy the activity.

First, you will have to register your e-mail address, name and take a photo for reference. Your name will show up in your pass that you will present at the start of the race, also for reference at the screen after completing the activity. You will then proceed to cashier to pay. We paid SAR 49 for each person for a 15 minutes race. Then the friendly staff members will guide you to the Changing Room where they will lend you helmets and gloves you will use in racing. After preparing, you will then present your pass as you enter the circuit area. The staff will orient you on how to drive your Kart, the colors and functions of the pedals as well as adjust your seats for your safety and comfort in driving then the rest will follow.

For a first time Kart Racer, I found the session amusing and very enjoyable having done the activity with friends. The staff were accommodating our needs especially whenever I bumped and trapped into the circuit lanes, they were always present to assist your needs and supportive in taking your photos and videos also! Perfect for group of friends wanting to unwind and break free from stress.

Photo 2 and 5 Credits to Angel Bon Gumban

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Five Things About Al Ukhdud Historical Site in Najran


1.     Situated in the Southern part of Najran City. A fence and an entrance gate surround the place for the visitors. The visitor must submit a valid ID to one the guards before entering the site.

2.    The name “Al Ukhdud” translates to “ditch” or “groove.” In year 523 B.C.E, it was told in history that thousand of Christians were burned because they refused to renounce their faith to Judaism ordered by a Jewish king.

3.     Al Ukhdud is mentioned in the Holy Book of Qu’ran Chapter 85:1-10: “By the sky containing great stars, and by the promised day and by the witness and what is witnessed, cursed were the companions of the trench, containing the fire full of fuel. When they were sitting near it and they, to what they were doing against the believers, were witnesses. And they resented them not because they believed in Allah, the Exalted in might, the Praiseworthy. To whom belongs the dominion of heavens and earth. And Allah, over all things is witness. Indeed, those who have tortured the burning men and burning women and then have not repented will have the punishment of Hell, and they will have the punishment of the Burning Fire.

4.    The place was once a part of Yemen then in 1934 it became a part of the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

5.    Home to artifacts and important historical and archaeological discoveries not just for the whole kingdom but for all Arabian Peninsula as well. On the walls were old carvings of manuscripts and drawings of animals and symbols dating back from Byzantine, Umayyad and Abbasid periods. There were relics of ancient houses and a mosque as evidenced by blocks and pebbles in the area.

Friday, August 17, 2018

[Travel]: A stay in Cabana Republic - Puerto Princesa

A leisure travel to Puerto Princesa, one of the most peaceful and largest cities in the Philippines will surely give travelers an awesome experience from backpackers to those who are just wanting a peaceful stay. From museums, beautiful beaches and savory food escapades, the city have so much to offer.

The view alone is relaxing.


Take a dip.


Staying in the capital city of Palawan would not be complete without choosing a good place to stay. Foreign backpackers always search for affordability with quality while local tourist want a stay to maximize relaxation experience within the amenities a place could provide the guests.

Good morning!

Jacuzzi is also a good option.

Cabana Republic offers a peaceful ambiance perfect for those travelers who wants to take a rest after doing an island hopping or city tour. The place does have a well lit, super clean and classically designed rooms, one with a Jacuzzi so the night is yours. There were large swimming area along with a garden. Cabanas were ample with cashew trees and lush green plans.

With the accommodating co-owner and admin. 

Wines and spirits.

Here are more information about Cabana Republic:

1. It is situated Brgy. San Jose, Puerto Princesa City (20 minutes from the airport, 2.2 km from Honda Bay, Palawan Museum is 6 kms. from the area).

2. Rooms are non-smoking.

3. There is a free Wi-Fi connection.

4. Shuttle service is available. Just contact the property prior.

5. They have an Instagram-worthy restaurant and a mini bar.

6. Cabana Republic is accessible on major booking/travel sites like Agoda, Booking and Tripadvisor.